"Smiling as a greeting is a caring gesture we all like to share. Smiling as a conditioned response to submission, compliance to others, objectification of oneself, or denial of one’s needs, is injurious to oneself as a complete human being."

Finn, Geraldine. Voices of Women, Voices of Feminism: Limited Edition. Fernwood Publishing; Halifax. 1993. (pg. 39)

It’s so frustrating when guys don’t understand why it makes a lot of women uncomfortable to be told to smile by strangers in public.

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Tonight I witnessed the most horrifying fucking situation, so please read this.

One that I honestly thought I wouldn’t see at this time, at this place, around so many. As I was closing up at work, I was outside locking up a few things. My co-workers were yelling "YOU…

This is why it is important to step in and help others. I sincerely appreciate everyone who always fucking helps those around them. I also want to put out a friendly reminder on how fucked up Florida cops are because the cop told the woman I was helping that it was essentially her fault since she had been in a previous situation with him before. And that she should’ve just avoided him or at least tried to so she wouldn’t be in this situation. So there really wasn’t much that could be done at the moment. They also said unless she’s pregnant or something of that sort (another life)- this is going to be seen as a misdemeanor (mind you this is someone who was being strangled/punched in the face).And that I didn’t count as a witness because I was across the street and didn’t jump in until mid argument… Which I found total bullshit, and they ended up putting me as a witness after enough effort. Enough with this fucking bullshit. Telling a fucking vulnerable person that it’s their fault they are fucking getting beat in the street.. no wonder so many cases go unreported because this woman was accepting the fact that it was her fault. What even is Florida when it comes to laws.

That is so disgusting, especially the pregnancy thing. If a dude beats a woman it’s a misdemeanor but if he harms a fetus it’s actually important?? Fuck that shit.

I agree with you on the helping others thing. We’re in a legal system that stacks up against victims of abuse (different places, same shit), we don’t need to make it harder on a social level for victims to get help. This applies to anything too! If you see street harassment, step in. If someone you know is getting abused, step in. You don’t even have to do much, just let them know they’re supported. 

You really really did the right thing, although the cops weren’t helpful hopefully she won’t go back to him this time. Maybe this can be prevented. This whole situation is so gross.


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